West Knits are the Best Knits in Westfield NJ

This Saturday I had the amazing opportunity to take a knitting class with the Stephen West of WestKnits.  Finding his class also introduced me to my new favorite LYS Do Ewe Knit.  They have an entire wall of Hedgehog Fibres, I’m in love!! Those vibrant colors and memorizing speckles.


Stephen’s class was on marled knitting techniques – holding two fingering weight yarns together to create a new color.  Changing the yarn color combinations allows you to “paint” your knitted work.  He’s truly a master of color, and it was great to see how he pairs colors together and moves from one color to another.  We also got to practice some of his new techniques in person, like “Get Loopy With It” for making looped tassels in the middle of knitted works.  The class made me want to cast on all of his shawls!

Here are some of the highlights and thoughts from the class:

  • Stephen is just as warm and welcoming in person. Even though I’ve been stalking him on instagram and youtube and never met before, he chatted like he was good friends with everyone.
  • It’s not a yarn stash, it’s a yarn collection and I am carefully curating each special piece.
  • Once you started using the marled knitting technique, you will never want to go back to single color knitting. Having a hard time finishing my current WIPs now, plus there goes the rest of my yarn budget!
  • I got to meet a lot of fun local knitters for the first time. I’ve been a closet knitter since I started, and it was fun and liberating to knit in a shop with others who share this obsession passion.
  • Stephen is traveling the world knitting as a yarn nomad.
  • Adding mohair to fingering weight yarn, texture-wise it turns the yarn into a luscious new yarn with little mohair wisps.  And color-wise it’s like looking at your fingering weight yarn through a light filter – it can soften the color.
  • I can’t wait to test out mohair in my next projects, it looks sooooo magical!
  • Stephen has a lot of fun new knit patterns coming out soon! He modeled new marled sweaters and showed off all of his knitted shawls.
  • We had enough marled magic shawls to fill the entire table, and yes that is Stephen sprawled out on top of them!


I can’t wait for Stephen to come back and teach another class at Do Ewe Knit! Until then I’ll be drooling over the gorgeous colors!


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