Knitting Shop of Horrors

I’ve jumped into knitting with passion and excitement, and armed with youtube for my knitting knowledge. It’s been a fun adventure, growing my knitting skills, even it means struggling through some tough projects, learning new techniques. Throughout my internet studies, there have been numerous articles harping on the importance of gauge. Β Always always swatch, always always check gauge. But that doesn’t matter unless it’s a sweater, riiiiight??!? Scarves, cowls, and shawls don’t need to be knit to a specific size, who’s going to care if it it’s a little big or little small.


Fast forward through my first three attempts at shawls. The first turned out smaller than expected, but that’s alright, it was a learning experience. Second shawl, I was too distracted by tougher techniques, learning to cable off a shawl and knit it back on. Imagine my surprise when it turned out small again! Just a fluke, right? I followed the instructions perfectly, using the exact same yarn and needles! Shawl number three started with high hopes, excited about the December Craftvent Calendar, with mystery color yarns for each day. Each day of December, my worry slowly started mounting, but I remained in denial. The Christmas movies, hot chocolate, and daily boxes of yarn were so much fun to knit.


Well….turns out it I knit a shawl too small again….. I guess gauge really is important.

My brother came to visit, and as I showed him my progress in knitting, he couldn’t stop laughing. He said I imagine you on Portlandia, furiously knitting in a room filled with shawls, hats, and scarves hanging on the walls, all comically too small. Doomed to knit and knit and knit items too small to be worn.


In an effort not to turn into a Portlandia skit, time to start watching some youtube tutorials on gauge and swatching!


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