Queen of Thorns


I got waaay too excited when all of Jimmy Beans Wool the Mystery Knit Alongs (MKALs) came out last year.  First there was Outlander season 2, followed less than a month later by Game of Thrones season 6, and ending with Gilmore Girls’ A Year in the Life. I couldn’t resist myself when the Dragonfly MKAL was posted for Outlander in April. I’m obsessed with the books and Starz show. I immediately bought a kit and waited eagerly in anticipation. Only imagine my surprise and excitement when the Game of Thrones  Queen of Thorns MKAL appeared a month later in my Jimmy Beans Wool update email. I hesitated for a few minutes, I did just buy the Outlander kit and I knew there was no way I could finish both within their timeframes, but before I could keep attempting to reason myself out of the purchase, it was already in my cart! Come November the Gilmore Girls MKAL Lorelei’s Eyes arrived, but I told myself I couldn’t get carried away. Turns out I still had the Queen of Thorns MKAL sitting waiting to be knit…


The Dragonfly MKAL was much more challenging than anticpated. I couldn’t focus on Season 2 (who can focus on anything with Jamie and Claire onscreen) and knit at the same time. It ended up being a great learning piece. It was my first real shawl, and figuring out the whole knit-off the piece side cable took some serious brain power and concentration. By the time I finished it was way past May and the final episode of Game of Thrones Season 6, and I couldn’t bring myself to knit another shawl. Cowls were suddenly calling my name.


I finally cast on the Queen of Thorns shawl a full 10 months after the start of the MKAL. The gorgeous shades of green, and relatively easy pattern techniques compared to the Dragonfly made it a fast and enjoyable knit. I still had some learning to do with the lace sections and clusters at the bottoms, but it was nice to have the straight knit rows to break up the sections. I’m excited to have it finished for Saint Patrick’s Day weekend (so much green!), and before season 7 of Game of Thorns this year. I’m both nervous and excited to see if another MKAL kit comes out. I’m ready if it does!!

This was the 4th annual GoT Mystery Knit Along with Marinade Designs and Jimmy Beans Wool, inspired by the Game of Thrones book series-turned-tv series. The MKAL Yarn kits were part of the special Lorna’s Laces Limited Edition String Quintet Set β€œQueen of Thorns” Color.  Olenna Tyrell has the sharpest of tongues, truly the Queen of Thorns!

I found the perfect shawl pin to go with my Queen of Thorns shawl. This gorgeous lotus shawl pin in white brass by JUL Designs! It’s my first shawl pin or stick pin, and I couldn’t be happier with it!

In other news, in the March update email I saw the Doctor Who Police Box MKAL. I may have squeeled out loud with excitement, and was probably the first to purchase and start a project on Ravelry (No I actually was the first project on Ravelry, not sure if I should feel proud or embarrassed by that…did I tell you I was excited….there is a yarn called Bigger on the Inside?!?!). I. Cannot. Wait. ALLONS-Y!!



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