Why I Started Knitting

I never imagined I would become a knitter. One year from the start of my knitting journey, I find myself down this magical rabbit hole of wools, yarns, patterns, and knits!

It started with wanting to knit my mom a simple scarf for Christmas. I was enamored with the idea of a handmade gift, crafted with time, effort, and love to give my mom. I found some old steel knitting needles in my parents basement, and set about learning how to knit. Thanks to YouTube, and some practice (and lots of mistakes) with my Michael’s acrylic yarn, I felt confident enough to begin my project.

I started off searching for a scarf pattern online. That’s when I discovered Ravelry. The ultimate database for all knitting and crochet patterns and yarns. I was both overwhelmed and enthralled with the possibilities. Not only was this world of knitting projects opened, but the world of yarns. The deep rich colors, hand dyed, merino and alpaca. Where to begin?!

After a month of picking out the p0830151535_medium2erfect pattern (that seemed easy enough for my limited skills to handle), and searching for the richest shade of purple, I had my first knitting project. It took half the year to complete the scarf, learning how to read a pattern, how to pickup dropped stitches, weave-in ends, but the scarf was completed in time for Christmas.


The best part of watching my mom open her present, was her joy at seeing the scarf and excitement to wear it. I waited to tell her I had hand-knit the scarf, and when I did it was great to see the astonishment and pride.

I had knit something! And it looked great! Suddenly I was hooked, addicted to watching the stitches grow into shapes, and searching for the perfect yarn to bring a pattern to life. There’s no turning back now, I’m a knitter!


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